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by Lauren Dickinson Barcelona is not a city well suited to winter, so it is a relief when the sun starts shining more consistently and trips to the beach become more frequent.  Here are some recent recommendations if you’re thinking about a trip: A visit to the Boqueria market on Las Ramblas: it should be […]

By Suzanne Lenzer It’s been years since I’ve gone out on Valentine’s Day. The main reason being that the food always seems a bit less than fabulous on that particular night (add to that the fact being out with a bunch of other New Yorkers seems to defeat the purpose of spending an evening alone […]

By Lauren Dickinson Either a weekend getaway by plane from Barcelona, or a road trip if you want to see the country and watch the landscape change, the Basque region of Spain and France has it’s own unique charm, from the greenness of the pines, rainy climate, and language switch to Euskara. Bilbao is unmissable […]

by Lauren Dickinson Barcelona has a lot to offer but a bit less so in August as many residents vacate the city, so I can’t make any claim just yet about the top 5 of anything, but after a month here a few things have stood out. I will save the intensive tapas bar reviews […]

By Emily Waldorf When I was a little girl living in Boston, I used to watch Julia Child’s television show, The French Chef, and giggle at her unusual voice, Big Birdesque stature, and her theatrical demeanor.  Since I didn’t have any cooking experience at the time, I couldn’t appreciate Ms. Child’s culinary genius and expert […]

By Emily Waldorf Many people have preconceived notions about French food.  They think it is too rich, too precious, and served by rude waiters that present them with a heart palpitatingly expensive bill, when they really would have rather had Italian.  Members of the anti-French cuisine camp have most likely either fallen prey to tourist traps […]

A Feast for the Eyes: An Interview with Artist Gina Minichino By Suzanne Lenzer A few weeks ago I spoke to sculptor Peter Anton about his food-related works now on exhibit at the Allan Stone Gallery in NYC. This week I was lucky enough to have a chance to talk to Gina Minichino whose work […]

Baking Enthusiasts by Gena Bell No matter what the season baking is always popular. And for those of you looking for a new source to heighten your skills, The Modern Baker by Nick Malgieri is one to buy.  Nominated for an IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) award this year, The Modern Baker offers recipes […]

Where Art Trumps Industry:  Cannes Film Festival (NY Times) Going Softly Into a Parallel Universe:  Claes Oldenburg at the Whitney (NY Times) Art Market Optimism:  Contemporary Art Sales Up (NY Times) Starting with Fashion, Ending with Art:  Richard Avedon (NY Times) Country Club, a New L.A. Gallery Opens with a “NewAgeRiot (ARTINFO) Two More Departures […]

Ramps: A Late Spring Fling by Suzanne Lenzer Like many a romance, my relationship with ramps began with a strong physical attraction. They’re one of those vegetables that make me want to take them home and start cooking as soon as the first ones appear at the Union Square Greenmarket (which is later this year […]