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Ramps: A Late Spring Fling by Suzanne Lenzer Like many a romance, my relationship with ramps began with a strong physical attraction. They’re one of those vegetables that make me want to take them home and start cooking as soon as the first ones appear at the Union Square Greenmarket (which is later this year […]

Almost Edible Art By Suzanne Lenzer Watching a garden grow, especially a vegetable garden, is a lesson in how fleeting time is. One day you put some seeds in the ground and a week later they have come to life, if just barely. A bit of rain (or a lot of rain as is the […]

      The Daily Sip™ by Bottlenotes, is a short daily email that will expand your knowledge of wine, help you discover new hidden gems, and learn about the people who make it. Click here to sign up! So called “green” wines have yet to earn their place among the royalty of Earth Day […]

April Showers, Bring Me… Rhubarb! By Suzanne Lenzer So spring has officially sprung. How do I know? The rhubarb has popped up, as has the asparagus. But let’s save the asparagus for another week; this week it’s all about rhubarb. Funny story: we’re renting this old house up in Connecticut with a rather wild garden, […]

Living Green? Start with a Bowl of Granola By Suzanne Lenzer Green is the new black it seems. From reusable shopping bags and compost bins to backyard vegetable gardens and electric cars, saving the planet has gone from crunchy through trendy and all the way to mainstream. Let’s hope it stays that way. The more […]