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Eye Candy: An Interview with Sculptor Peter Anton By Suzanne Lenzer If you’re in New York, and hungry for an exhibit that’s both provocative and playful, you can’t do much better than a stop at the Allan Stone Gallery to see the work of Peter Anton (through June 19, 2009). His is a refreshing marriage […]

Almost Edible Art By Suzanne Lenzer Watching a garden grow, especially a vegetable garden, is a lesson in how fleeting time is. One day you put some seeds in the ground and a week later they have come to life, if just barely. A bit of rain (or a lot of rain as is the […]

Where Art and Food Collide: An Interview with Artists Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers By Suzanne Lenzer Food has long served as inspiration for artists, and I think it can also be said that art inspires chefs. But what’s really interesting to me is that both cooking and art follow similar processes: they begin with […]

The Daily Sip™ by Bottlenotes, is a short daily email that will expand your knowledge of wine, help you discover new hidden gems, and learn about the people who make it.  Click here to sign up! Violet in Shakespeare in Love. Mom of Apple and Moses. Wife of the lead singer from a little band you hear about sometimes […]

A macaron is not a macaroon and a macaroon is not be confused with a macaron:  they are completely different species.  For some reason, however, there is quite a bit of confusion between the two wildly different yet equally delightful treats.  Even the Ladurée English website mistakenly refers to their world-famous macarons as macaroons.  Quelle horreur.