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By Emily Waldorf Have you put your collecting on hold, paralyzed by fear of investing in this uncertain economy?  It might be time for you to start dipping your feet back into the art market; there are actually a lot of buying opportunities popping up now that didn’t exist in the last five years.  Even […]

Previously published on By Emily Waldorf It is staggering how many auction house clients, including seasoned collectors who should know better, fail to read the fine print when bidding at auction. In the February 2009 issue of Art + Auction magazine, art lawyers and brothers, Charles and Thomas Danziger discuss in their column, “Brothers […]

Do champagne, schmoozing, and irresistibly good deals on works by well-established artists all for a good cause seem too good to be true?  Perhaps it is.  Celebrity studded charity auctions are increasingly popular and covered by the mainstream media, but is the art up for auction a wise investment?  Does it differ in quality from […]