Culture Clicks: Weekly Art News Roundup


Mel Bochner work at Art Basel as photographed by Bettina Korek for the Huffington Post

The Buzz in Basel:  Art, Alive and Well and Selling Briskly (NY Times)

Bettina Korek’s Art Basel Exclusive (Huffington Post)

Art Review:  ‘Andy Warhol, The Last Decade’ at Brooklyn Museum (NY Times)

A Late-Period Windfall for French Art Duo:  Selling the Lalannes (WSJ)

Portrait of the Young Artist as Movie Star:  James Franco (WSJ)

MOCA taps Doug Aitken to Make its Next Gala Groovy, if not Gaga (LA Times)

French Ceramics from Boone Collection Donated to Huntington, LACMA (LA Times)

Art Review:  Michael Smith & Mike Kelley @ West of Rome (LA Times)

Abramovich Buys, Hirst Sells as Basel Dealers See Rising Demand (Bloomberg)

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