Culture Clicks™: Weekly Art News Roundup



Iranians Shine, Assisted by Expatriate Art Dealer (NY Times)

In the Hamptons, A Painting Season and More (NY Times)

Creative Views of the Muslim Head Scarf (NY Times)

A Gift for Every State:  The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection (WSJ)

Madoff Investor’s Art Dealer Got $26.5 Million in Rothko Sale (Bloomberg)

Behind Michael Govan’s Almost $1-million LAMCA Salary (LA Times)

A New Solo Exhibition of Paintings by David Lynch (LA Times)

Celebrity Sculptor Daniel Edwards Takes on Angelina Jolie (ARTINFO)

Eli Broad Talks About his Beverly Hills Art Museum (ARTINFO)

Arts Alliance Speaks Out on Health Care (ARTINFO)

Party Pics:  ArtCrush at the Aspen Art Museum (ARTFORUM)


4 Responses to “Culture Clicks™: Weekly Art News Roundup”

  1. Really great reads, thanks for compiling these all in one place. Love your blog!

    • Thanks for this recap. I am so far behind on this sreeis, and can’t believe it is finally over! I missed the past few episodes because of my new work schedule at DISH. When this show first premiered I didn’t think I would like, nor relate to any of the women of the show especially when I saw Amy carry a ‘Birkin’ bag. This show has definitely grown on me, and I hope Bravo renews it for another season. My Hopper recorded the past episodes, and since there is so much DVR recording space I’m not worried that I used up too much room. I think most of us can relate to struggles in our own lives, but this demonstrates those who chose to rise above those challenges instead of settling for defeat.

    • That’s a creative answer to a difficult question

  1. 1 easy cooking

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