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  1. Emma Rosaia – I couldn’t agree more about sitnohog natural! Not only do I not like the use of too many props I don’t like whole shoots that are in a studio or with a backdrop. For me the most valuable and timeless photos are the ones of children and families shot in their everyday environment. Cooking with their mum, board games with their siblings. But not in a staged way. I think part of being a good photographer is being able to shoot inconspicuously to capture real moments. That way when kids look back at their photos later in life they will be like, wow that’s what my bedroom looked like and that was my favourite toy. They won’t be thinking oh I remember that day, that was the day we had to wear ridiculous outfits and go to the photographers studio. I would much rather create an accurate record of life at that moment. I think the best birthday present a mother could give their kids is a photographer at their birthday party. But being artistic I think there is also obviously going to be a time and place for these staged photos. But I just think we are cheating clients by trying to force it down their throats.

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