Culture Clicks: Weekly Art News Roundup


“The Actor,” a rare Rose Period Picasso, was torn last Friday when a woman accidentally fell into it at the Met. Image via The New York Times.

Despite Assurances, Met Finds Artworks Aren’t Restored Overnight (NY Times)

Questions Over Fixing Torn Picasso (NY Times)

For Tapestry, One More Renaissance (NY Times)

How Art Affects the Brain (WSJ)

A Cultural Agony in a Nation Where Art is Life (LA Times)

A Gleaming New Showcase for the Acropolis (LA Times)

Christie’s Sees Art-Market Recovery After 24% Decline in Sales (Bloomberg)

Nazi-Looted Posters Should Stay in Berlin Museum, Court Says (Bloomberg)

With a Push of the iPad, a Photograph Goes Global (ARTINFO)

Sotheby’s Old Masters Exceed Expectations (ARTINFO)

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  1. 1 P Andrew Fleming
  2. 2 Luigi Wewege

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