Culture Clicks™: Weekly Art News Roundup



More Artworks Sell in Private Slowdown (NY Times)

Baby Boomers at the MET (NY Times)

The Pop of Warhol (Jazz and Rock, Too)  (NY Times)

Hedge-fund Divorcee Dives into Art, Sex, Brooklyn:  Book Review (Bloomberg)

Kandinsky’s Abstract Squiggles, Amoeba Delight in Paris Show (Review) (Bloomberg)

Krystian Zimmerman’s Shocking Disney Hall Debut (LA Times)

Review:  Kendall Carter at Sandroni Rey (LA Times)

Galleries on the Move in London & New York (ARTINFO)

Party Pics:  Spring Benefits Begin in New York (ARTINFO)

Party Pics:  Benefit for Participant INC in New York (ARTFORUM)

One Response to “Culture Clicks™: Weekly Art News Roundup”

  1. cavalleto: graaics! ahora está arreglado… ya subí el archivo corregido… y el theme nuevo está disponible para bajar: —sí, lo hice yo 🙂

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