Adventures in Argentina


By Lauren Dickinson


An elegant clothing boutique interior in Buenos Aires

It no longer feels like a secret- everyone knows how fantastic Argentina and Buenos Aires are nowadays, as evidenced by the American and European accents that follow you everywhere. No matter- the shopping, food, wine, and nightlife are still tough to beat, even despite the rising prices.

You can get lost wandering the maze of Buenos Aires’ Palermo Soho, stumbling across one cool little shop after another.  Take a break from the famous beef for lunch at Little Rose, a unique sushi spot with an all black interior where every detail is carefully chosen, from the seasonal sorbets to the chopsticks wrapped in pink tissue, or grab a spot on a velvet sofa at neighboring Bar 6 for artisanal bread and modern Argentine food.

The district of Recoleta is where you can see why the city earned its reputation as the Paris of South America. Filled with designer boutiques, high end antique shops and stunning apartment buildings, it’s the place to go all out at one of the city’s favorite haute Italian restaurants, Sottevoce. Enjoy the glass of sparking wine and plate of pate that arrive immediately while you decide between carpaccio or bresaola with burrata, tagliolini or milanesa.


A traditional Argentine asado

On impressive Figueroa Alcorte check out modern Latin American art at MALBA, then walk across the street to the Museo Renault, a major lunch scene for ten years now in a contemporary setting designed by Renault offering international Nouvelle cuisine.

Most importantly, try to get yourself invited to an asado. Despite all the amazing restaurants, there is nothing like sitting around a table with friends, presented with plate after plate of different cuts of beef, and glass after glass of Malbec (give the Luigi Bosca Reserva a try, or anything by Catena or Carlos Pulenta). Forget American corn fed, dry aged steak- this is how it’s meant to be done. Take your time and relax- you have until 3am before the nightclubs get going!


MALBA on Figueroa Alcorte

One Response to “Adventures in Argentina”

  1. Have never been to Buenos Aires, but you certainly make me want to go and check it out. Will post here myself once I have been.
    All the best, Anna

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