Black and White Art for Bébé


By Emily Waldorf

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Art For Baby will be donated to the NSPCC.

Interested in giving Junior a head start as a future art world connoisseur?  Pick up art philanthropist Yana Peel’s newly released Art For Baby book published by Templar Publishing in conjunction with OUTSET Contemporary Art Fund.  The book includes all black and white images that were donated to the project by artists such as Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, Julian Opie, Bridget Riley, Takashi Murakami, and Kasmir Malevich, among many others.

In the October issue of Tatler, Francesca Segal explains how Peel’s baby art book idea was born after discovering her newborn baby entranced by a Julian Opie video called Sarah Walking: “The baby was captivated by the black and white of the image… and Peel’s nanny explained that some childcare experts believe very young babies can see only high-contrast very defined black and white images.”  Certainly a wonderfully scientific and fun way for both mother and baby to brush up on contemporary art greats.

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