Report from Art London at the Royal Hospital Chelsea


By Emily Waldorf

Francisco Luna's mixed media work, Libros, at Praxis International Art

I attended Art London last week at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.  The fair is set up in a giant white tent hidden behind stately 17th century red brick hospital buildings.  An exhibition of Lynne Chadwick sculptures lines the walkway to the entrance of the fair, setting up guests for the modern and contemporary art that lies within.

Patrick Smith's Pont du Gard at Envie d'Art

My favorite booths included Albemarle Gallery, The Fine Art Partnership, Envie d’Art, Stephanie Hoppen, James Kinmont Fine Art, Beaux Arts Bath, and Praxis International.  There was also a very interesting special exhibition highlighting the life and work of British modernist painter Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham.

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